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Name of Solicitation Solicitation Status Close Date
Transfer and Implementation (T&I) Services Maintenance and Operations (M&O) Services Puerto Rico WIC Information Systems
Solicitation No. DS 2017-08D
Open 07/30/2019 view
WIC - Product Management Office - Mountain Plains User Group (MPUG)
Solicitation No. RS19004
Open 06/19/2019 view
SPIRIT Maintenance and Operations
Solicitation No. WCD-19-RFP-0100
Open 06/04/2019 view
Utah eWIC Smart Card EBT
Solicitation No. RS19027
Closed 04/09/2019 view
Utah WIC Smart Card Quality Assurance Services - - RS190199
Solicitation No. RS190199
Closed 03/12/2019 view
Georgia WIC Management Information System (MIS) Transfer and Implementation Project
Solicitation No. ES-RFP-40500-21
Closed 01/02/2019 view
North Carolina Crossroads M&E RFP
Solicitation No. 30-DPH-36820-18
Closed 12/18/2018 view