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Name of Solicitation Solicitation Status Close Date
IL WIC EBT Implementation Project 81644
Solicitation No. 22034606
Open 03/12/2015 view
IL WIC EBT Implementation Independent Verification and Validation Project 81646
Solicitation No. 22034615
Open 03/12/2015 view
MN WIC EBT Planning Project
Solicitation No. RFO 0025
Open 01/30/2015 view
NATIONS WIC RFP for QA Contractor for WIC IS
Solicitation No. SRST-WIC-NATIONS-QA2-2
Open 01/05/2015 view
NATIONS’ WIC RFP for Transfer & Implementation Vendor
Solicitation No. SRST-WIC-NATIONS-2-1
Closed 12/05/2014 view
Colorado WIC - Quality Assurance Contractor for EBT Project
Solicitation No. FHLA2015000000000002
Closed 12/05/2014 view
Maryland/US Virgin Islands RFP for WIC EBT QA Services
Solicitation No. MD/VI-WIC-10162014
Closed 12/04/2014 view
Rhode Island WIC MIS Hosting and Maintenance
Solicitation No. 7549117
Closed 12/04/2014 view
Solicitation No. 15-23
Closed 11/21/2014 view
Montana Solicitation for EBT Services for SNAP, TANF and WIC
Solicitation No. RFP15-2883P
Closed 11/14/2014 view
Delaware WIC EBT Implementation & Support Services Project
Solicitation No. HSS 14 040
Closed 11/05/2014 view
New Mexico ITO RFP for EBT Project Manager
Closed 11/03/2014 view
ITCA (MSC) EBT Planning Contractor
Solicitation No. WIC 15-01
Closed 10/31/2014 view
Chickasaw Nation RFP for EBT Services
Solicitation No. CN0001
Closed 10/30/2014 view
WA WIC Cascades Project
Solicitation No. RFP N20686 Cascades Project
Closed 10/27/2014 view
NE WIC MIS/EBT QA Consultant
Solicitation No. 4743Z1
Closed 08/14/2014 view
Texas WIC WIN Evolution RFP
Solicitation No. 53700-15-0006
Closed 08/04/2014 view